Lunda: An Architecture Description Language for Software Product Line

وبلاگ on آبان ۶م, ۱۳۸۹ دیدگاه‌ها خاموش


Nowadays Automation has an important role in software engineering. Varying method invented to cover this need. From past experiences understood that formal representation was the first step to achieve this goal. Architecture Description Languages (ADL)s can support this need.
Software Product Line (SPL) is a way to maximum reuse among family of the software within the same domain. The variety and commonality of the products in a software product line will be modeled in reference architecture. Every product use reference architecture to construct its architecture.
Currently there is no ADL that specially support software product line and have a strong tool that provided for supporting it. In this paper we present Lunda a new ADL for supporting software product line. Lunda consist of a simple notation, a graphical interface and a vigorous tool for supporting software product line.

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